Sketches for Light + Plush by Panisa


Start with the one I like the least. This is Huggy Muggy…a mug, bottle, cup, hugger that change color (of LED) according to the temperature


This is a light, soft, stretchy, and very versatile lamp. It’s a simple design and can be hung or tied everywhere. The overall is nylon and the weight of the ball makes the structure more fluid than ever!


“Guess what’s inside my belly!” Play this game with children or friends. Put stuff inside the stretchy opaque stomach and turn the LED on…see the silhouette and start guessing!



The first idea is a pendant that can be customized


The second idea is a huggable lamp.

One thought on “Sketches for Light + Plush by Panisa”

  1. Nice sketches, all your ideas seem feasible! We aren’t doing any sensing in this project, so a temperature-sensitive circuit it out, but you could hold onto that idea for a future project.

    I think the guessing game has the strongest use case out of the two other ideas, and I think you’ll have a fun time building a hollow structure with lights that have the effect you want. Is the shape meant to be a stomach organ? Perhaps this can inform your color/material choice. Is the toy meant to teach something, and if so what is it besides “don’t swallow your iPhone”? Consider other shapes besides a stomach; your user story can help inform your decisions!

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