Isioma’s ‘From Barium Meal to Roadkill Revenant”


This was an exercise in sewing and light diffusion techniques. For this brief, we were asked to design a plush light and explore the use of various materials to make our product a plausible item. I initially wanted to design an object based on ‘the barium meal’: a diagnostic tool that involves swallowing a dose of barium sulfate in order to render your upper intestine opaque enough to be viewed under x-ray. 

I ended up diverging a little from this idea, although I think I might go back to it in future. Instead I decided to make a plush toy that tells the sad tale of a cat road-killed and re-animated (ZOMBIE ROADKILL)


MATERIALS: Felt, white and red LED, soldered ON-OFF switch, poly-fill, and colorless vinyl to expose the gut.

USER: myself and other strange kids, Halloween for babies



Cat squishCat zombie  IT’S ALIIIIIVE

IMG_0261 IMG_0262




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