Jon Lungs Three Final Ideas


Idea 1:

Winter Face Shield:

Winter Face Shield

Tired of frozen eyebrows and having moist scarfs pressed against your face?

The Winter Face Shield protects you from everything mother nature can throw at you…well at your face at least. Fans controlled by a humidity sensor keep the visor from fogging while Bluetooth headphones keep you connected to your music and calls without having to expose yourself to the torrent of wind and ice.

Idea 2:

Glow Cat 2: This time, it’s personal.

Cat V2

This version of Glow Cat is triggered by a sound sensor that maps the input from the mic to the brightness of the lights. Depending on a scale of “pssssssssst” to “BANGGGGGG!!!” Cat’s reaction will glow brighter the louder the sound is.

Idea 3:

Desktop Cloud Generator, newly renamed Desktop Cloud Factory

Cloud Generator

The Desktop Cloud Factory is exactly what it sounds like. When you feel like you need a cloud, you press down on the top of the object and it produces a cloud. Using the technology used in vaporizers and e-cigarettes, the factory uses vegetable glycerin to create a thick “fog” that would be drawn into a holding chamber where it collects. After a set time a small air pump puffs the cloud into the glass viewing cylinder. Tada!


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