Three Final Project Ideas (Isioma)

My favorite thing so far about learning to use Arduino is incorporating responsive elements into my projects. Interaction – simulating real life systems – it’s awesome.

1. Lonely / Moody / Confide – Bot:
I want to make a motion-detecting, pressure sensing and speaking ‘robot’. It will be a white acrylic cube with a face laser cut out of it.
At different distances from the cube it will say something different like: ‘Closer’… ‘closer’…’touch me i’m cold’… and then ‘thank you’, once you do. The touching response will require some pressure sensing mechanism. I will also need to sync response to movement / distance with the recorded voice.

I was interested also in giving the robot fortune telling powers. You ask it a question about your future, and it responds with a prediction. In another scenario, (thanks Boris!) the robot acts as a ‘keeper’ of secrets. You tell it a secret, and it tells the next user your secret, and so on. Kinda sinister. But – if used for good, can be a playful way to unload tensions.

2. Pet Field
This project brings the outdoors into your desk, or your wall.
Small-scale; desk installation. Large-scale; wall hanging!!
Touch and movement activated. The blades of grass move either towards you or away from you; simulating the way grass ripples in a field during a breeze.

3. The Moon
I wanted to make a nightlight that tracks moon phases and replicates the experience of moon gazing in the privacy of your room. It is synched with the 30-day moon cycle, transitioning from ‘new moon’ to crescent, to full…and so on. I love moon.


Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 1.24.53 PM

So, possible components:
PIR sensors
Ambient Light Sensors / Photo-resistors
Sound (input / output?)
Pressure sensor

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