Class Introduction – Jenna Witzleben


Jenna Intro Photo
Sometimes I wear glasses, sometimes contacts.’

Hi! My name is Jenna. I recently graduated from Cornell in Mechanical Engineering. When I was there I specialized in 3D printing and design, with my main project being 3D printed customized ballet shoe inserts.

3D printed ballet shoe inserts
3D printed ballet shoe inserts

I am extremely excited to learn about electronics and programming in the context of product design and further my learning about these topics within my area of interest. I would also LOVE to play around with applying electronics to my main hobby of dance, and maybe find an interesting spin-off of my work with the customized inserts. Though I am very much against technology for technology’s sake (and fought against this alot in undergraduate) I am really interested in wearables. I’m a huge fan of Disney’s Magic Band system and can’t wait for wearables to become a more useful part of everyday life beyond fitness tracking.

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