Class Introductions—Julia Lindpaintner

Hi, I’m Julia!


I grew up in Switzerland (for the most part) in a town called Muttenz with a pretty little church:

St. Arbogast Kirche is the oldest church in Switzerland that still has its original wall intact.

In Swiss school, we had mandatory sewing class through 9th grade, and I did a lot of sewing, embroidering, crocheting, and quilt-making in high school.

I came back to the US for college, got a BA in History of Science and Dramatic Arts at Harvard, and then moved to New York to dance:

I haven’t done this in a while…

After a few years performing and tutoring the SAT to kids out on Long Island, I came home and made some goofy Christmas morning outfits for my family:


Doing that made me remember how much I loved making things and designing.
Magically, I lucked into a job at Pentagram, and have spent the last three years working for Michael Bierut on real estate projects, branding projects, and random other cool things.

In my free time, I like to hike and trek and camp in beautiful places like this:

Rocky Mountain National Park


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