Striping an Electric Pencil Sharpener


This electric sharpener works with electricity directly plugged in. It seemed fairly simple at the beginning. I was not expecting that many pieces and screws. I could not open the battery, I guess they are glued together.


Step 1:

  • Separate all the pieces that do not need unscrewing.
  • You have the pencil sharpener, the trash box and the wall charger.

img_2358Step 2:

  • After separating all the pieces I took out the first 4 screws.
  • The plastic parts where set aside and kept working on disarming the main engine.

Step 3:

  • Remove the entire engine and pencil sharpener mechanical parts from its plastic container.
  • At this point the sharpener still worked when plugged in.

img_2364Step 4:

  • Remove the next 4 screws and separate the engine from its main structure.
  • Inside their where 3 gears that moved consequently from the mains engine gear.

Step 5:

  • Then I proceeded to remove the engine.


Step 6:

  • Once the engine was removed, I separated all the gears, screws and plastic parts attached to it.
  • Then I removed the pencil sharpener from the main cabin.

Step 7:

  • Finally I got to the main engine. Took it apart until I could not anymore.
  • It seemed fairly simple, coil and two magnets inside that made the main axis rotate when plugged in.

Step 8:

  • Once completely separated it was time to put it back together, which I did and it was a lot of fun too.


One thought on “Striping an Electric Pencil Sharpener”

  1. Nice investigation, Sebastian! You might be the only student able to reassemble his/her teardown object. Please add to your post to fulfill the assignment, here are the things missing:

    -Identify the materials used for each component

    -Identify the manufacturing techniques/equipment used to make it

    -Make a list of the tools and techniques you used to take it apart

    -Select two design elements that interest you and describe why you think the designer made it that way

    some dumb English stuff: Watch spelling on “their where” in step 4. Also when you write “engine” it is really a “motor.”

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