Motion-Activated Solar Power LED light teardown

Hi, I’m Jiani, I tear down a LED light yesterday, it’s really interesting.






Solar panel is a important part for this product, it turns solar to energy to support the light to work.   A solar panel help LED light work outside become possible without charging function.  And it is also a more environmental protection way because the batteray in it can be reused.

The motion sensitive part is a very useful part, the light can change it’s degree of luminescence depends on the motion so that it can prevent waste of some energy instead of light all the time.



by Jiani Lin

Sep 14,2016

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  1. Awesome investigation, Jiani! Don’t forget to put your post in a category. Could you add some text to your post addressing the last assignment element you missed? “Select two design elements that interest you and describe why you think the designer made it that way.”

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