Jiani’s idea for final project

I want to continue my Christmas suprise game box project last week, what I gonna do is make every hole have different reaction after people throw a ball in it, it can be a family game during Christmas.

There are four different reactions:

1.The Christmas tree will be bright

2.The Arduino can sing a song

3. There are two holes when you throw the ball in them the Arduino will say Merry Christmas to you

4.You will get a candy


So I already figure out how to make a functional gun-ball machine and draw a rough sketch of it in this image.

My question is there are three holes react sounds, one is play a christmas song, one is say “Merry Christmas”, how should I do this on one Arduino board, is that possible? I want to use weed switch on the sound part, so when I throw a magnet ball in the hole, the circuit can be connected, is there other sensor you recmmond that I don’t need to use a magnet ball but a ordinary ball?

About the coding, I can learn it by myself since we already had practice on CIRC-06.

Things I need to buy: some plastic material for DIY gun-ball machine.


Jiani’s carnival light


This is my Chrismas theme carnival light, let’s see how it works.



Here are the process photos.


The first problem I need to figure out is how to design something can protect the sensor as well as easy to take out the ball, finally I decide to stick two cones together to prevent the ball attack the sensor.

I took a lot of time on how to connect the circuit, and until yesterday I knew why series connection doesn’t work if I connect the LEDs on Arduino, it is because the biggest power is 5V. So yesterday I changed the series connection to parallel connection again.


Dream-catcher Light

1Here is my Dream-catcher Light, I want to design this light to help people suffer from insomnia can feel better after use this light night.

I use feather as my main material because I found people feel comfortable when they see and touch white, clean feather. The soft feeling really can help people to sleep because soft touch let people think of pillow, quilt that the things related to sleep.2During the process I make my circuit, I had some problems that I use series connection way to connect 5 LED, but the LED can’t  bright, but I test every LED, they are good. Then I got some advise from VFL and realize my resistance is too big, I need to change a small resistance as well as change the circuit connection way to parallel, and finally I succeed.63057910023912299344481526288221376


Jiani Lin

Hi, I’m Bubbles


I’m a octopus come from ocean and  just has ability to live on land. I’m curious about the land world, it is totally different from the ocean world.  Why people wear shoes? Why people speak different languages? Why everyone in land world looks so busy?