Jiani’s idea for final project

I want to continue my Christmas suprise game box project last week, what I gonna do is make every hole have different reaction after people throw a ball in it, it can be a family game during Christmas.

There are four different reactions:

1.The Christmas tree will be bright

2.The Arduino can sing a song

3. There are two holes when you throw the ball in them the Arduino will say Merry Christmas to you

4.You will get a candy


So I already figure out how to make a functional gun-ball machine and draw a rough sketch of it in this image.

My question is there are three holes react sounds, one is play a christmas song, one is say “Merry Christmas”, how should I do this on one Arduino board, is that possible? I want to use weed switch on the sound part, so when I throw a magnet ball in the hole, the circuit can be connected, is there other sensor you recmmond that I don’t need to use a magnet ball but a ordinary ball?

About the coding, I can learn it by myself since we already had practice on CIRC-06.

Things I need to buy: some plastic material for DIY gun-ball machine.