Wearable Technique

For the final project, I want to design a wearable stuff that provide some interaction for users to play with.

until now I have 2 ideas, first one is a exoskeleton for arms, people can wear it when they do some out door activities. It can protect your body when you fall down, I am going to use the heart rate sensor to sense the heart beats, and use LED lights to show the blood speed, and the faster your heart beats, the faster LED blood goes. Also it can show your position when you do the night jogging and prevent you from hitting by a car.

The second idea is a helmet for people who love ridding bike or playing skateboard, it is a headphone at the same time, it plays the music and the LED lights on the helmet will follow the rhythm of the music to bump up and down. The sensor can catch the different frequency of the vibration. I’m not sure whether I can find the sensor like this.

Maybe I can combine these two ideas together to make it a fancy protection for biker or skateboarding people.ideas

heart rate link


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