Strobe Teardown

This is a teardown of a rotating strobe light I found at a little dollar store in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. In total, there are 60 individual parts. I took down the entire thing using only my Leatherman Wave multi-tool. I was able to keep all parts intact, with the exception of clipping a few wires. The metal housing required me to pry open the disk and unbend the metal with my flat end and needle nose pliers. Upon taking the object apart, I was surprised to see how many plastic gears went into making it and that the gears came lubricated. It was also interesting to see all the electrical components and the motor were housed neatly in a metal enclosure. I guess they designed it this way to prevent any damage happening to the moving parts.

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One thought on “Strobe Teardown”

  1. Awesome presentation, Kevin! Love the design of the callouts and components table. Could you add a paragraph of text to your post describing the object and hitting the following elements from the assignment post?

    -Make a list of the tools and techniques you used to take it apart

    -Select two design elements that interest you and describe why you think the designer made it that way

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