Kodak Pocket Video Camera Teardown








PCB had HDMI connector, A/V outlet, DC IN 5V for charging.





The product has a very complicated assembly consisting of:componants-01



The Kodak Zx1 was a Pocket Video Camera released in 2009. Its logic board carries multiple chips on PCB:

  • AAT1415 – Advanced Analog Technology (FIVE-CHANNEL DC-DC CONVERTER WITH A 2.5V LDO)
  • Hynix – HY27SF081G2A-FPCB, Part Category: Memory ICs, Manufacturer: SK Hynix, Description: 128MX8 FLASH 1.8V PROM, 30ns, PBGA63
  • Ambarella (A2S30 A2S-A1-RH) – Product Category: IC Chips, Manufacturer: Ambarella, Description: A2S30 A2S-A1-RH Datashee, Package: BGA, Quantity: 609 PCS, Lead Free Status / RoHS Status: Lead free / RoHS Compliant, Moisture Sensitivity Level(MSL): 3(168 Hours
  • Hynix (HY5PS1G1631CFR) – 1Gb DDR2 SDRAM – SK hynix
  • WM  
  • WM8978GEFL/RV Cirrus Logic Audio CODECs STR CODEC w/HP SPKR 32-pin (Sep 2016) Mouser Electronics (Recorder)
  • WM8978GEFL/V Cirrus Logic Audio CODECs Stereo Codec with H/P Spkr (Sep 2016) Mouser Electronics (Speaker)




The Tools that I used to take it apart:

  • Small cross head screw driver
  • Leatherman multitool


Apparently, I picked a quite delicately made object. At the first glance, this pocket camera seemed very simple and easy to tear down. I was totally wrong about that and took me quite long time to understand each part. I used simple techniques of delicately unscrewing many cross head screws, and there were many of them even inside of the camera to hold its PCB. I also used multitool to open up its case and detaching the LED monitor screen from the aluminum board. I found that there are yellow plastic cover  between monitor screen and PCB, and it was there for protecting processor chips. I was also very amazed by the size of camera that were placed on the PCB. Perhaps, I should use this camera component for Arduino later.

The size of this pocket camera was just about the size of cigarette case, but it had rounded corner.  I also found that the plastic extorior was coated with rubber material. The designer of the camera must have designed it this way for users to have a better grip, and I like the way it was.

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  1. Fun device choice! Your teardown could use a bit of beefing up, however. Please refer to the assignment post and add the following:

    Identify the materials used for each component

    Identify the manufacturing techniques/equipment used to make it

    Look up part numbers on chips and find out what they do (searching the part number + “datasheet” helps)

    Make a list of the tools and techniques you used to take it apart

    Select two design elements that interest you and describe why you think the designer made it that way

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