Tear Down – Portable Charger

Pocket Juice 2200mAh Portible Battery Charger


The product has a very simple assemply consisting of:

  • Injection moulded casing and power button
  • Transparent plastic LED difuser
  • Foam sepperator
  • Small Philips cross head screws
  • 3.7V 8.14Wh lithium cell
  • Printed circuit board
  • Insulated wire


The circuitboard contains several components including:

  • 1x blue LED
  • 4x surface-mount blue LED
  • 1x 2R2 3.7 to 5v transformer
  • 1x short USB felmale connector
  • 1x micro USB connector
  • 1x surface mount push button
  • 6x surface mount capacitors
  • 5x surface mount resistors
  • 1x Honeywell / Microswitch 1PB315
  • 1x One Cell Lithium-ion/Polymer Battery Protection IC DW01A
  • 1x Dual-Channel Power Distribution Switch B2025

Designers Intensions


The form of this products implies that the product contains 2 lithium cells but only contains one. This could have been a technique to make the product appear as if it was of a higher capacity. However the extra space is still used to hold a small circuitboard.

The product has a matte coating on the ABS casing. I was not able to workout how this finish was achieved but it was likely done to cheaply give the product the appearance of higher quality.

Disassembly Process

  1. The product contains no external screws or mounts and tools will be required for disassembly: 1x Prying Tool and 1x Small Phillips Cross Screwdriverimg_0815-copy
  2. The main body of the product is held together with moulded clips and can be separated with the prying tool.img_0798
  3. The circuit board is held to the casing with 2 small Philips cross head screws.img_0807
  4. The circuit board can be pried from the casing with the prying tool. img_0808
  5. A small piece of adhesive tape holds the battery in place which can be removed with the prying tool. img_0809
  6. A small piece of padding which sat between the circuit board and casing is attached with mild adhesive. img_0810
  7. The battery power light and power button is plastic welded to the casing and can be separated with the prying tool. img_0812





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  1. Nice teardown, Louis! Could you add a bit about your thoughts on the designers intentions? Refer to the last bit of the assignment post “Select two design elements that interest you and describe why you think the designer made it that way.”

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