Leafy Lamp : Prototype 1

I wanted to explore materials other than fabrics so I decided to make a lamp using dried leaves. Initially the idea was to make a lamp with fall leaves to bring warmth during the winter and add the feeling of coziness that plush toys bring in that way. But as I started playing with the leaves and the shadows they created, I felt it would best serve as a spooky Halloween lamp!


The construction involved tying up the leaves to a bent circular rod. I hung the arrangement from a pole and stuck some LEDs into the mix to quickly understand the effect that this lamp could create.


I realized colour would play a very important part of creating a mood with this lamp. Red LEDs immediately made it look spooky while the green LEDs weren’t bright enough and the white ones didn’t create enough spookiness. I purchased an RGB LED strip to use in the final version of this lamp so as to be able to play more with creating different moods with colour.

Here’s the circuit diagram :

img_20161005_202457I couldn’t quite figure out how to represent an LED strip or the controller. Depending on the length of the LED strip I end up using, I may have to add a resistor to limit the current flowing through the LEDs.

Author: Smruti

Student at SVA, New York

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