Plushie Prototype Part 1: Chibi Totoro

My initial plushie concept was to create a tanuki ghost. I tested the opacity of a soft flannel and found that light penetrated quite easily, so I used it to create the body. I used black and white felt for the eyes.

Unfortunately I neglected to take a photo of the wiring, and after much shuffling, 3 of the 4 LEDs went out (which is why the light is concentrated in one corner). I’d like to use stronger wires and maybe sew pockets onto the inside of my plushie to prevent this for my second iteration!

To personalize the plushie in my next version, I want to create larger, more structured ears, and add feet to the figure. I liked the ghostly-ness of the green LEDs, so would like to change my circuitry to have 3 tiers of colours: green around the feet, blue above, and white from the centre of the body, upwards.

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