Fall Lamp

I went back to the original idea of making a lamp which reminds me of fall.


The best way I found to attach the leaves to the coil frame was to weave them in a thread and then tie it onto the coil. Once I did that, I wasn’t very happy with the light diffusion and the physical appearance of the lamp.

So I decided to cover it with a white cloth and see the effect that it created. Once I was convinced of the idea, I stitched up the cloth with supports at the top and bottom and then inserted the lights into it.


The light source is a strip of LEDs stuck on four sides of a cardboard tube. It is powered by 8 AA batteries (12V DC) and can change to multiple colours depending on the mood.


Even though I like the way the lamp looks when lit up in the dark, I am really disappointed with how it looks otherwise. I might have to make another version of the outer cloth and may be leave the bottom open for a more light and airy feeling.


Author: Smruti

Student at SVA, New York

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