Pillow Flash

This product is for night walkers and people who don’t like waking up in the dark. Basically the pillow has a sensor that when you place your head the lights turn off but when you lift up your head the pillow lights up. In my personal experience I wake up in the middle of the night and I am still half asleep so going back to my bed from the kitchen or bathroom sometimes can be a bit confusing or I bump into my bed because it is the darkest place of the house. Therefore the idea here would be for the actual pillow to guide you to your bed with lights.

From last week to this week many things changed. One of the major challenges was to get the amount of light necessary for the pillow at night when there are no lights. To do this I actually added some extra layers of cloth inside the pillow to diminish the light brightness and get the effect I was going for. Also the first circuit I made had too much power so I diminished the power of the lights by adding resistors with every light. Here is the product itself.


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