tap, tap & climb

Tap, tap & climb is an interactive climbing wall where the holds glow triggered by the tapping of the first hold. With the first tap the holds light up in green, which is the easier climb on that route, tap again to reveal a more challenging climb, tap a third time to get the hardest climb.

Right now all the holds light up at the same time, as programing different climbs would require a bunch more holds as well as more advanced programing. I also ran into an issue with the neopixels in my code. When I have 5 neopixels in the code as I programed last night it works, but when I change that number to 9 (to light the third hold) the code gets garbled and all the lights start blinking. I can’t find an error, so I am stuck with this for now.

Thanks for checking it out!

Author: Alexia Cohen

Alexia is a Belgian-Venezuelan-American designer living in New York City. She received a BFA from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Jewelry and Metalsmithing in 2006 with honors and distinction. Soon after graduating she established her studio and started exhibiting her Jewelry work in various galleries and trade shows across the U.S. After moving to NY in 2009, Alexia was hired as the Jewelry Studio Technician and as a Visiting Professor at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. During her time at Pratt she had the opportunity to enroll in Industrial Design classes and eventually decided to pursue design more seriously by accepting a seat at the Products of Design MFA at the School of Visual Arts. At PoD Alexia has had the opportunity to engage in projects involving design research, user experience, systems thinking, and sustainable practices—which combined with her entrepreneurial spirit, make her ready to tackle complex challenges with curiosity and ingenuity. Making and experimentation often go beyond the studio space for her, lately the kitchen counter has seen some examples of wild fermentation through sourdough bread baking, and her hands have developed new muscles through a new-found love for rock climbing and adventure. Alexia’s aspiration is to join a team of likeminded designers and professionals to further develop her design and leadership skills, looking towards a more resilient and sustainable future. Interested in working with Alexia? please e-mail her at: cohen.alexia@gmail.com