Proposal: Interactive climbing

For my final project I would like to take the light up climbing wall to the next level by using a blue tooth device to interact with an App. I have not come up with a title quite yet, but it would be great to use the word light and interact in it.

The prototype will be on a 8 x 4′ piece of plywood as a start. I will use 2 or 3 kinds of holds. 1 large hold-like the one I made for the previous project- and 1 or two smaller holds that I will create and make multiples of. Total there will be up to 16 holds on the wall. The large holds have 3 LEDs in them, the smaller holds will only have one each.


The first thing I started doing is soldering the LEDs together:


Once  I receive the rest of the parts from AdaFruit I will connect the circuit (using JST 3 pin connectors) to emulate and test the patterns before the “wall” is built. While the circuitry and code gets worked out, I am going to be molding and casting the additional holds, which will also have to be drilled and fitted to the “wall”.

Draft parts and tools list

Functions I wish to explore

  • 3 levels of climbing on the wall, programed in 3 different colors.
  • Between climbs there could be a short light show
  • If time allows, maybe something happens when you reach the top and tap the last hold.

Links to prior similar work and/or tutorials

  • To read and understand: BlueTooth LE Micro page
  • Go back to the NeoPixel strand test code in my library and test my circuit, make sure everything is properly attached.
  • This Snow Flake Sweater tutorial will help me understand how use the BlueFruit LE App
  • This pixel brain cap is so much fun! Can I just make this for my project? I want one. 😉

This list is something I will probably be referencing for the rest of the semester, thank you for making us do this Becky, it is a good way to collect information and get our thoughts in one place!


Author: Alexia Cohen

Alexia is a Belgian-Venezuelan-American designer living in New York City. She received a BFA from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Jewelry and Metalsmithing in 2006 with honors and distinction. Soon after graduating she established her studio and started exhibiting her Jewelry work in various galleries and trade shows across the U.S. After moving to NY in 2009, Alexia was hired as the Jewelry Studio Technician and as a Visiting Professor at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. During her time at Pratt she had the opportunity to enroll in Industrial Design classes and eventually decided to pursue design more seriously by accepting a seat at the Products of Design MFA at the School of Visual Arts. At PoD Alexia has had the opportunity to engage in projects involving design research, user experience, systems thinking, and sustainable practices—which combined with her entrepreneurial spirit, make her ready to tackle complex challenges with curiosity and ingenuity. Making and experimentation often go beyond the studio space for her, lately the kitchen counter has seen some examples of wild fermentation through sourdough bread baking, and her hands have developed new muscles through a new-found love for rock climbing and adventure. Alexia’s aspiration is to join a team of likeminded designers and professionals to further develop her design and leadership skills, looking towards a more resilient and sustainable future. Interested in working with Alexia? please e-mail her at: