Update: Manako’s final project

Project Description:
The project consists of curves that hang from a frame that change their shapes as they interact with the audience.  Various ropes (or wires or threads) will hang from the top of a frame/arch, creating different curves. Conductive thread is wrapped around these ropes, so that the ropes will function as capacitive sensors.  Once a rope is touched, it will turn on the motor that is placed on top of the frame and pulls the rope upward.
The effect is like playing a visual string instrument.
Material Exploration:
Below artifacts were hung from a drying rack to assess their materiality.
  • fishing string
  • beading string wire
  • ball chain
  • laundry hanging string
  • yarn
  • nylon rope
  • 2 flower arrangement wires
  • jewelry chain
  • frame hanging wire
Ball chains made the best curves and they were conductive, making it compatible with capacitive sensoring system.
Motor Exploration:

Below motors were tested.

  • 5V DC motor
  • 12V Stepper Motor
  • Rotating Servo

DC motor doesn’t have sufficient torque to rotate the spool and pull the chain up.  The servo has good torque and it’s easy to use because of the wheels that attach to its shaft, but it makes an awful, high-pitched sound.  The stepper motor has the torque needed without the annoying sound of servos.