V+: an interactive climbing wall


If you have ever climbed or bouldered before, you know how much fun and addictive it is. With V+ I decided to add interaction through the use of LED lights which have been programmed to display different levels of climbing through the use of the Bluetooth LE Module from adafruit. Through the Adafruit Bluefruit LE Connect App, anyone can choose the level they wish to try. This first prototype of the wall is currently installed at the PoD Gallery at SVA, it will be up until January 10th 2017. Come visit!

For a peak into the making process for this prototype please visit the Instructable page. The process was long, but this was a super fun piece to make. From mold-making the holds, to doing the circuitry, it was worth the time and effort, specially now that I can climb it.


I am specially excited about finding a permanent place for the wall at PoD. Climbing is very fun, and good for taking a break and de-stress.

Thank you to my classmates and our awesome professor Becky Stern for a wonderful class this semester.

Author: Alexia Cohen

I am a student at the School of Visual Arts' Products of Design MFA program.