Teardown – Nintendo Zapper

tear down 1

Nintendo Zapper

I bought it in the E-waste Warehouse in Brooklyn. The Zapper allows players to aim at the television set display and “shoot” various objects that appear on the screen such as ducks, clay pigeons, targets, cowboys, criminals or other objectives. The Zapper is used on supported NES games, such as Duck Hunt and Wild Gunman. The Zapper could also be used on the title screens of games to move the cursor—done by pointing the device away from the screen and pulling the trigger—or starting the game (pointing at the screen and pulling the trigger).

tear down 2

This gun is pretty classic and stylish. When people hold it, it seems like you are holding a real gun, perhaps because of the Bob-weight. There is several components in it. The trigger structure is interesting and through the Teardown I realized this structure. And the trigger connect the sensor (kind of flip-floph) and activate the circuit board and laser light.

Author: weirunshi

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