Plush night light ideas

1)Fluffy Phonecase

  • this fluffy phone case is made of woolen, feel smooth and soft to the touch. people especially women would like to grab in winter days.  the tail look dot will light up when touched.


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  • Many people decorate their rooms with dreamcatchers. So this dreamcatcher is also   attached with LEDs, would light up when touched.









3)Toy hammers

These are toy hammers for children. May used as a massager as well for adults. It ‘beep’ and could light up when hit.



One thought on “Plush night light ideas”

  1. These are really fun ideas, Yangying! I encourage you to explore whichever one seems most exciting to you. Dreamcatchers are often quite airy and light, so instead of embedding LEDs inside, perhaps they would shine on the wall or downward with the feathers? Unfortunately we’re not exploring interactivity with this project, so any touch sensing would have to wait until the next project, though you can take the same concept through both projects if you decide to!

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