Night Light Ideas

1. Slime-y Lights:

Slime-y material for a flexible light source that lights up remote, unreachable areas.


2. Night Slippers:

Night slippers for people who don’t want to wake up anyone else when they wake up at night, nor do they want to turn the light on so that they don’t ruin their sleep.

These are extremely dim lights that turn on when someone wears them – touch sensors. These lights don’t work during the day because there is ample sunlight anyway. (Light sensor only works when no other light source is detected).


3. Portable Light Stickers:

As the light emitted from the centre of the sticker will be different from the intensity of light emitted by the rear ends, the fabric used for diffusion of the light will also be different.


One thought on “Night Light Ideas”

  1. Awesome brainstorm, Rhea! Your slippers idea seems very clear, could you flesh out the context for the other two? Who would use the slime-y light or the stickers? What materials might you use? I encourage you to explore the ideas with the maximum experimentation opportunity regarding light diffusion in soft materials. Remember to try different materials to shine the light through, rather than putting LEDs on the surface of an object.

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