Plush Nightlight: Brainstorm

Idea #1: Charizard


  • There’s an old-school Pokemon called Charizard who’s basically a giant orange dragon with a tail that’s perpetually flaming at the tip. It’s sort of his life force.
  • For the nightlight, I think it’d be cool if it a a light sensor, and when it was light in the room, his tail would glow a bright orange, but when the light went out, it changed to a dim blue.
  • I could switch out the felt-tip tail for a thin colored jersey (more transparent), and mount multi-color LEDs inside.

Idea #2: Starry Dress


  • I’ve seen little girl’s dolls have polka dot dresses, but I think it’d be cool if the dress was midnight blue, and instead of polka dots, there were little white twinkling stars.
  • I could mount a series of white LEDs under or inside white polka dots, and when you turned the light out, it would activate a random slow twinkling series of LEDs.

Idea #3: Heartbeat


  • I’d like to try a slightly anthropomorphic idea with a doll. Usually human dolls are little girls, but my brother and I liked stuffed animals when we were little and I think it would have been nice to have little boy dolls who looked like us to love as well.
  • For this nightlight, you’d have an ordinary-looking doll dressed in a thin jersey t-shirt and pants, but when you turned the lights out in the room, a little red heart would slowly pulse from underneath his t-shirt.

One thought on “Plush Nightlight: Brainstorm”

  1. Cool ideas, André! I encourage you to develop your latter ideas rather than recreate an existing fictional character. Both provide ample opportunity for experimentation with light diffusion and soft materials. I could see some LED sequins being helpful for what you proposed:
    Please let me know if I can help guide your concept or materials choices any further, email me with any questions!

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