Tzu-Ching’s nightlight

  1. Pressure-Release Doll


A doll with five hair made of LED bulb, when you have a bad day but doesn’t have a way to vent, this doll has a pressure sensor in the belly, and the LED will show how much strength you use. Have a bad day? Squeeze it.



2. Annoying Bookmark


The LEDs on this bookmark indicate how long you haven’t read this book. Feeling annoying? Finish this book.


3. Constellation In The House


Lampshade with constellations printed on it, the LED will project constellations on the ceiling.


One thought on “Tzu-Ching’s nightlight”

  1. Great brainstorm, Tzu Ching! However I don’t see much diffusion opportunity with the sketches you’ve created. I encourage you to explore the core project concept, LED light diffusion with soft materials! Placing LEDs on the exterior of a plush toy doesn’t afford very much exploration with diffusion. What about illuminated plush bookends instead of a slim bookmark? You could augment regular bookends to add on a plush, or make your own:

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