Night Light Ideas – Eugenia Ramos

The first night light idea is based on the concept of life and death. Being ok with living organisms dying is a culture issue and I think everyone could benefit from accepting death as it is. Through design, we could induce people’s acceptance of life and death as inevitable and beautiful at the same time.


The second idea has less meaning but more functionality. I would like to make a a night light that consists of a sphere, that has two sides to it,  two different opacities. This could be achieved by using the same fabric with two different densities, or by layering the one density fabric on half of the sphere and not on the other. The idea is that the user could choose between two different ambiences and rotate the sphere to achieve brighter or softer light depending on the moment.


The third night light design would be based on magnets. One would be wall mounted and the other magnet is what includes the fabric and light. Once the magnets come together, the light would be turned on and diffused by the hanging fabric in between the magnets. This concept could also be hanging from the ceiling instead of wall mounted.


One thought on “Night Light Ideas – Eugenia Ramos”

  1. Very cool brainstorm, Eugenia! Your first idea is so poetic and heavy, and your other two are quite thoughtful as well. Great work exploring the concept! I can’t pick your project idea for you, but I do think #1 and #3 are both dealing with a hollow framework that allows fabric to drape, so perhaps they are both part of the same line? Please let me know if you need more advice about materials/LEDs.

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