Nightlight Prototype

I started drawing a dumpling draft, but it ended up being a kidney…

But surprisingly, someone told me it is CUTE, OMG.

Then I realized, the uglier, the cuter. So I made my nightlight as ugly (cute) as I can, and it turns out to be an ugly family.

  1. This is the dumpling/kidney prototype.



2. This is his dad, I called him UGLY-PAPA

FullSizeRender 6


3. This is his mom, I called her UGLY-MAMAIMG_3302


4. The family portrait (how sweet)IMG_3303


I selected some fabric that isn’t thick enough so that the light can pass through. And I chose an off-white fabric because I think off-white has a sense of oldness, so as time goes by, the ugly family will seem older and older, just like humanity.


5. Finally, implant a light into UGLY PAPA!