Prototype of Flush Nightlight — Runshi Wei

First prototype of Flush Nightlight Skull

The idea is that Skull is horrible and heavy. I want to use artificial cotton to make a skull shape. And the light of LED will come out from the eyes and nose. I hope people can use it in the dark night!

After class I started to make prototype of my soft skull.

  1. First I find some pictures of skull, and pick one which is more typical and classic.


2. Cut it into the shape of skull.


3. Then I started to choose some suitable material for my prototype.


I was supposed to using black fabric to make the skull’s eye and nose. I got stretchable one, furry one, little bit harder one. As for the surface of skull, I chose the beige fabric, because it is harder for forming the shape.

4. Then I cut the fabric into the shape of skull and make one into hollowed shape with aye and nose.


5. Sewing the black fabric on the back of the skull face.

6. Sewing two skull faces together (front and back). And put some filler and 3 LED into the skull.

Then I found a big Problem!!! You can’t the LED light through the black fabric, because the transmission of light of black fabric is incredible low! As you can see the final product, You can not see the light clearly.

So this is a big problem for my prototype. I am trying to figure out a new way to fake the the hollowed part of the skull.

Here is the circuit diagram of prototype and the sewing work last week in class.


Thank you for reading.

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