Plush Proto

I have decided to do the flame.

Brace yourselves!
This post might have the ugliest sewing you have ever seen!

Here is the circuit for my eight “flame” LEDs:


Then, I started prototyping. I used some scrap material from the VFL since I wanted to experiment with LEDs and lights in general.
For my actual plush light I have bought brown, beige, red, orange and yellow felt for the logs and fire.
However, my prototype took another ugly but very teaching turn:

This was the sketch that I used as guideline.


IMG_4028I decided to do two layers:


This is where the ugly sewing comes into the picture.
First, I sewed the grey outer part on to the red part. I used the machiene.
Then, it was time to turn the material around. This is where the shapes of the flames should match each other and make a beautiful flame.
However, I had sown the grey pieces onto the same sides of the red pieces.
This meant, that the two flame shapes did not match.
However, I tried to make them match anyway, which turned out dreadfully:


Now it was time to play with light.
I sodded up two LEDs to a 9V battery.

I inserted them into my flame.IMG_4035

However, I was not satisfied with the light so I decided to stuff my flame and this gave a much better light:


I am so glad that we did this prototyping exercise as I now know what NOT to do and what to do.
I am very excited to see how my final fire will turn out.