Shoe Box – Plush Nightlight


Pattern (first one): After making this one I realized my original measurements were not working because the handle was too short and the sides were not rigid enough, I either have to put another material like wire or cardboard or make a second wall with fabric and then saw a division to create de angle to shift the direction of light towards the ground, the second wall would also serve as the battery and wires hiding space. So my new pattern should look something like the image below.



Prototype: After making the prototype I noticed the footprints were not as defined as I thought they would look, so I have to make another footprint hole on the back overlap and have it perfectly match with the original hole or change my fabric to one that diffuses light and cast shadows in a better way. Also, I made a tiny prototype which I think made it more difficult to get the dimensions and shadows right, however, it gave me an idea of how to add structure and how to play with shadows to make my light diffusion appear clearer.

Sin título-3




Circuit Diagram: I realized I don’t need bigger LEDs it could work with same size LEDs, I just have to make sure to pick the right fabric.








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