Hanging Soul – Night Light

Here is the first prototype I made, the Hanging Soul light. It’s based on my first idea I posted last week, which is an attempt to help humans accept death and normalise the natural fact that living organisms are born and die, and we shouldn’t make death a taboo subject. Instead we should come closer to the idea throughout our lives in order to achieve acceptance in a natural manner when we have to say goodbye to a loved one.

Ideally it could hang from the ceiling and float in the room, instead of against the wall.

I would like the LED to be inside of the felt circumference in order to get a diffused cool light, and not be able to spot the light source.




The circuit would be simple, battery powered and would like to include a switch button inside of the white hanging sphere. I may need to make the sphere diameter bigger in order to fit also the battery inside of it, as well as add an access point like a velcro or button.


GHOST LAMP – 2nd Prototype

I made a few experiments using different types of paper or paper towels, soaking the, into water with glue dissolved in it. Once the paper is saturated with water and glue, I put it over different objects to see how the paper would hang and drip in order to make the lamp shade look like a ghost. Once the paper dries, it hardens with this shape and can act as a lamp shade.

For the final prototype, I would like the ghost lamp to be a much bigger scale, so that it’s the real size of a person. To achieve this I will have to make a wire structure to hold the paper up and make the ghost lamp safe and stable.

The light would softly shine from inside of the ghost.


Paper models_Ghost.jpg




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