Misty Forest Pillow

For the final prototype, I returned to the original idea of recreating a misty forest scenery. Hand sewing the first prototype (Albert the monster) actually helped me come up with this idea for my pillow:


So let’s go ahead and do it!



1/ Choose the composition for each layer of silk
2/ Sew them in and layer them on top of each other
3/ Use another piece of black felt for the back of the pillow


4/ Layer them in this order to make sure when you flip it inside out,
it will create the fading effect of the layers with the black sheet on the backside.
(I had to undo it because I layered it wrong)
5/ Sew 3 sides together and trim off the extra seam

Above is the seam allowance I ended up with (1/2″).
I wanted to trim more, but I was afraid it will tear off, so I kept it around half an inch.

And as you might not have noticed, I
6/ Stuff(ed) the fibrefill in



7/ I soldered these (one with 1K Ohm resistor and the other none)
to make sure one light is much brighter than the other.
8/ The one without a resistor became very hot,
so I unsoldered it and change it to a 220 Ohm resistor.
9/ Don’t forget heat-shrink tubing in all your joints
(I did and had to unsolder it again…)
10/ Solder the wires to this battery pack:
Blue (of both LED) wires to black (of battery)
Black (of both LED) wires to red (of battery)

11/ Sew shut the last side of the pillow


And there was light.



This is the original inspiration for my design:


And sorry for long post, here’s a Dark kNight potato:


One thought on “Misty Forest Pillow”

  1. reading this post is like talking to you in person, just wonderful
    last week, i was moved by the inspirational image you presented to our class yet i was left wondering how the emotion and depth of that image would be physically represented
    your pillow is exactly that: whispering trees, a sharp-minded light, and a distancing defocused mist
    so cool

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