Swirl Bright Plush Night Light

Here is my plush night light, called Swirl Bright. Swirl Bright is for anyone who loves ice cream, adult, young, old, or anyone who loves sweets. It’s a great alternative to a flash light as it is rather bright and made to be hand held and solves the ever existing problem of how to walk around with a flash light or night light looking cool, and making everyone around you hungry.



It went from the prototype on the left to figuring out whether I wanted a regular sugar cone, soft serve cone, and finally I landed on the waffle cone look. I ended up sewing the cone pattern onto the felt and then after deliberating whether to do multiple scoops of a regular cone, I decided I wanted it to look more like soft serve and ended up using yarn. The yarn was actually much more challenging and I had to sew it together in order to keep it looking swirled and stacked and from falling apart.

Programming the LED’s and soldering was probably the most difficult part, but I got through it thanks to a lot of help from Hannah. Below is my circuit:


I ended up using 4 white lights instead of many colors as I had originally intended because I wanted a cleaner less crafty look. The soldering took a lot of trial and error as did figuring out where the wires went and what connected to what.

Here are some process photos:


Unfortunately, I forgot to take photos of the LED setup, mostly because I was struggling so much! But it looked messy but works.



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