Plushy Uterus


Plushy Uterus acts as both an educational tool and political statement for women of all ages. It serves as a tool for young girls who experience their first menstruation at an earlier age than is assumed in public school systems, and parents are encouraged to use the plush to help diffuse tensions and fears surrounding those first conversations.

Her defiant pose, baring all her muscles, show women they are strong and have reason to be proud of what they are made of. Use Plushy Uterus to show your friends and family you care about women. Show her off on your bookshelf or office desk and invite conversation surrounding women’s health,  politics, or a nightmarish first-period tale!


Plushy Uterus is easy to make and only consists of a few parts. Her figure is made of felt, 6 LED lights and fiber filler. The uterus itself was sewed first, adding the light pink, fallopian tubes second, and finally, white ovaries. Size and shape are completely dependent on the maker — in this form, I chose to experiment with longer fallopian tube shapes, but you may consider using shorter arches to create an overall smaller Plushy. Below, are the shapes that I used. The ovaries are made up of 2 parts, exactly as a baseball is sewn.



To light Plushy Uterus, you must arrange your LEDs in parallel, rather than in a series. Parallel circuits work because the voltage is able to move all about the circuit, whereas in a series, where all the LEDs are connected together with resistors, the voltage supplies the first LED with 100% of the power, while the others are left without any voltage. Below, you will see my set up, where all my LEDs positive ends are connected at one point with the red, power wire of a battery pack. Each LED has a resistor attached at the positive end. Similarly, all the negative ends of each LED are connected together and attached to the black, ground wire of the battery pack

To stuff Pluffy Uterus, I used electrical tape and masking tape to add some rigidity to the LED network. This idea worked for the most part, but I suggest making an LED holder to stabilize the LEDs, especially if you are trying to achieve a specific design with your bulbs.

And, a GIF!




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  1. your tone is so strongly conceived
    plushy uterus’ standing shape and material exudes muscular resilience, her constructor paid attention to very fine details
    the sentiment and intent behind plushy uterus as well as the tone with which you talk about her inspire me to examine the potential for education in craft and build confidence in talking about my work

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