Ben’s Plush Locker Light-up

17th Hole at TPC Sawgrass, Florida

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The plush Locker Light-up is stored in your golf locker. When turned on, it sheds light on all the ball markers and knick-knacks that accumulate in one’s locker throughout a season and helps you keep it organized.


Wool, cotton, white thread, stuffing.

Circuit Diagram:


9V battery, switch, 1k ohm resistor, blue 10mm LED.

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One thought on “Ben’s Plush Locker Light-up”

  1. wow i like this friendly blob that waits to meet me at my locker
    the form has been abstracted to the point that golf is no longer the main focus, it is the locker
    i see this in high school lockers for kids with little to no friends :))

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