Starshine Plush Night Light

Here it is: the Starshine Pillow.

For anyone (like me) who feels a rush of exhilaration when they look up at the infinite patterns of stars in a clear night sky. For anyone who misses that when living in brightly-lit urban places.

For anyone attracted to star-signs, constellations, and the rustic-modern aesthetic. Or anyone looking for a great birthday gift.

I poured a lot more of my heart and soul into this thing than I even expected. I hope others like it as well. Here it is from start to finish:

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Author: Hannah Rudin

MFA Candidate in Products of Design at the School of Visual Arts in NYC. Currently pursuing a thesis project on merging design and team-building practices to counter social and political polarization in America.

One thought on “Starshine Plush Night Light”

  1. very well crafted
    craft as in witchcraft as in magic
    the essence of astral awe and intimate personal experience is all inside this crafted object

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