Andre’s Final Project Brainstorm

I’m going to make a real-life voodoo doll.


In my earlier project where I made a doll for little boys, the interaction was a simple pulsing heart. I really like that concept, and I want to see if I can push it further. What I have in mind is to make my original doll a twin, give them both the red LED beating heart (with the “beating” heart shape this time instead of just a static red orb), and make it so that if you touch or hold one, that action is indicated on the other.


For instance, I want you to be able to touch Doll A’s left hand, and have the left hand on Doll B light up. Maybe I would have independent lights for each hand and foot, the red heart light for when you pick one up, and maybe something on his head when you speak to indicate the doll “listening”.

It would be called Voodoo Children

I have no clue how I will pull this off.


For my second idea, I think it would be cool to put a pressure sensor on my desk and connect it to a speaker so that when I’m gone, if anyone puts their crap on my clean desk, the sensor will trigger a threatening recording of my voice telling people to move their stuff.

I’m also thinking about having it send me an email or some sort of notification to my phone whenever the sensor is activated so I know exactly when crap was put onto my desk.

I call it The Tattle Tell.


For my third idea, I think it would be cool to create a device that indicated the fire threat levels in California at any given times.

Each day, the National Park Service indicated the fire threat level in a series of colors, green for low, yellow for slight, orange for moderate, and red for severe. These colors change depending on time of year, location, weather, and other environmental factors. I think it’d be cool if I made a laser cutout of California, placed neopixels or multicolor LEDs behind different regions or simply behind notable cities and areas, and connected each to the Park Service’s daily feed of fire threat levels.

If an area is actually on fire, I would have all the LEDs in that region pulse red.

It would be called California Is Burning.

One thought on “Andre’s Final Project Brainstorm”

  1. Do you favor one idea over the rest? All of these would make great final projects, so I’d encourage you to follow the path you’re most curious about. For your voodoo doll, you could expand upon the code in this project tutorial I made earlier this year: basically if you follow the IoT class to the end, this is what you end up with, code-wise.

    Your second idea is a fun one! You could use any number of sensors for your desk (laser breakbeam sensor, IR/sonar distance sensor, PIR motion sensor, piezo element as vibration sensor, FSR, etc.) and then trigger an audio FX board ( and internet action (as described in IoT class lesson 4).

    Tread lightly around the project idea about California fires. It sounds like it would be beautiful for sure, but it should connect with those effected in some meaningful way, not just be a morbid visualization of fear and danger. How could it help those who live in areas at risk of fire? Would it have any indication of areas that already burned, or maybe cross-reference aid data to show where still needs help rebuilding? Just ideas. Heavy topic!

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