PA: Final Ideas + Wifi 1-3


  1. One Big Thing + Tamagotchi
    Problem 01: Task Management.
    I found John Zeratsky’s app, One Big Thing, on Medium a few years back, and had tried it but to no success. The insight was that to-do lists does not work and are inefficient to some as they can never complete them by the end of the day. However, if you set one as the most important thing to do that day and check that box, you will feel great.
    Solution 01: Plus + Minus –
    Inspired by the idea of One Big Thing and the physical form of Tamagotchi, Plus + Minus – is a task management device that counts down the task one needs to complete each day, which is only one. The aim is to get the sum to 0. If a task is not finished by midnight, a new task will replace the old one and add +1 to your clock.

  2. Clock + Weather Indicator
    Problem 02: Too Hot/Too Cold

    New England’s weather is extremely unpredictable, and the iPhone that I own does not show at first glance the weather of the day. I have had so many times going out with too few or too many layers, and the rest of the day is a “total disaster!” (to borrow Allan’s words from Affirming Artefacts :P).

    Solution 02: Time Temp.

    Time Temp. is a nightstand clock combined weather indicator that lets one knows the time and weather of the day through ambiance lighting and sound.
    When it’s sunny, the LED light will turn red; when cloudy, blue.
    When it’s raining, the speaker will plays a loop of raining sounds, when windy; whistling wind sounds.1113_idea02

  3. Alarm Clock + Podcast
    Problem 03: Waking Up

    Being woken up from the same looping sound has made me an expert in snoozing the alarm. However, what if the sound is a informative podcast session from my favourite station?
    Solution 03: InformaClock
    InformaClock is a Mid Century Modernist Alarm Clock that wakes one up with an episode from one’s favourite podcast station. The brain will start to work as it is being woken up by intriguing information. I have been listening to The Inquiry from BBC World Service Radio and enjoying it very much. Hopefully, this will motivate me to get out of bed.1113_idea03

An important part of all the ideas above is the sending and receiving signals to trigger all the outputs I desire. I hope wifi will be part of the solution…


Lesson 2 serial monitor.png