Final Project Brainstorm

Wearing a costume, especially one with blinking lights, attracts a lot of attention at a party. That’s the intention. But how can you avoid the pesky reaching hands that want to touch and prod at whatever it is that you’re wearing?

Inspired by the Back Off! brooch created by Phuong Anh, Tzu-Ching, Oomung and André, my proposal is a wearable ornament with a light output that reacts to proximal motion. Essentially, the piece sparkles brilliantly, but dulls and eventually turns off completely when people get too close. Now you can be the center of attention without worrying about strangers reaching for your precious creation.


Tassels and Tinsel

Cape // shawl // epaulettes

Reflective material with 2 neo pixel strips embedded within for supreme brightness. The colors will oscillate within a narrow spectrum of colors that coordinate with the color of the tinsel material. The motion input sensor will be worn on the person’s chest.

tassels and tinsel

Happy Mask

soft sculpture for the face

The tricky part of this proposal will be getting the expression to be silly and inviting, not creepy. There will be a short series of LEDs on the crown of the head, or down the center of the face.

happy mask

Crystals and Pills

hood // shawl

This wearable item will be patterned after paintings & doodles that I make with crystal & pill motifs. There will be several bright LEDs embedded throughout the detailed pattern, and again, the motion input sensor on the wearer’s chest.

Crystals and pills_proposal