Huzzah/Arduino and Project Ideas – Antya

After a little bit of a struggle, Ellen and I were able to get our Arduino connected to the WiFi. We first realized that we had had one too many parentheses within the WiFi name and password and also noticed that our baud number was off. Once we fixed those it worked!



Here are my three ideas for the final project:

  1. Improve the ice cream night light and make it more interactive. When someone puts it in the ice cream holder it turns on and off, or it connects with another light and could be used to help kids remember to brush their teeth. It could send off some sort of alert or light or reminder. I’d also refine the design of it.
  2. Create a pill box that alerts and reminds people to take medications. It could trigger a light or sound after a certain amount of time or it could react a certain way when someone opens and closes it.
  3. An Arduino umbrella or umbrella stand that somehow linked up to the weather to let you know if you need your umbrella.

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