The name of the product tis key and the very basic idea is to stop the sound (the sound should be designed to be annoying) made from the speaker inside the key by putting the user’s phone on key (the key detects that it is a real phone instead of anything else by detecting the weight). So that the usage of the phone will limited and the user would spend less time on the phone and more on the tasks.Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 2.00.56 PM

More feature to be added into the product (listed in the order of from more necessary to less necessary)

511 Weight tolerance.

The weight sensor was adjusted to the weight of the phone of the user. Taking iPhone 7 as an example, the weight of iPhone 7 is 4.9 oz according the data form Apple. However, in real life the weight might differ between each models because of the add-ons (screen protectors and phone cases for example) and for many other reasons

2 Resetable Weight target

The weight target should be resetable for two reasons: first, there are thousands of phone models in the martket and so there should not be one fixed weight target or it wouldn’t work. Some sample wright of different models:

iPhone 7 4.9 oz

iPhone 7 Plus 6.63 oz

Samsung Galaxy S7 5.36 oz

Google Pixel 2 5.04 oz

A1So I would need to leave a port open and leave opportunities to connect the product to the computer (ardunio to computer)

3 delayed of sound playing

Allow the user to play with the phone for only a certain period of time within a bigger time frame.

4 Resetable sound

The sound can be customized by the user. A LOT TO PLAY WITH ON THAT.

In the future:

Many phone starts to be charged wirelessly (e.g. iPhone  X and Samsung Galaxy S8) so I would be nice to integrate the wireless charging pad into the design so that the phone can be charged while it rests on the pad and it does not just rest there.

I would made a program on the computer so that there are presets of weights of millions of models so that you don’t need to go online to look up how much your phone weighs. OR I could directly weigh phone and set the weight as the target weight at the very beginning!

Below is the prototype pf the very early stage. The newer design would be much bigger than that since I am gonna fit in a battery and an Arduino board. However I would try to design it to be as small and possible since i’d really want it to be portable (if possible). The shape of the final product would be either a disc shape or rectangular shape. More development on the road!

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  1. I think it’s safe to assume that the if the user has voluntarily signed on to use this product, he/she can be trusted to put an actual phone on it instead of some stand-in object. Verification of the phone’s weight is not highly necessary in this scenario. If it were, you could consider using RFID inside the device to either detect the phone’s NFC device or a sticker-tag embedded in the case. However that would make it hard to also wirelessly charge the device, just because there would be a lot of interference. So I think you can safely omit the phone verification, and put a wireless charger in the device: and make the platform/surface connected to a tactile switch from your Arduino kit, or some other kind of simple sensor.
    piezo buzzers are super annoying, as far as sound goes:
    but if you want to play back actual audio, these audio fx boards are the best bet:

    Solid concept, let me know if you have questions while designing your prototype!

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