Carly’s Wifi Arduino and Final Brainstorms

Arduino Exercise

This week, we go wireless with our Huzzah Wifi boards! I had a few hiccups while trying to connect to Internet, but this was due to being on the wrong network. It turned out that one Wifi network was stronger than the other, and once I tried the second option, I was able to connect instantly. So, to my classmates who are trying to connect to the PoD network, use MFA Pod (g/n) versus (a/n).



Final Project Brainstorm

1. “Up & At ‘Em”

Its always a struggle for me to get out of my bed early in the morning, despite the numerous alarms I set for myself. If I don’t need to be somewhere until 10am, I wake up at 9am. If there was a way for me to wake up hours earlier, I could accomplish so much more in my day!

So, I’d like to create a motion/pressure sensor that attaches itself to my bed and connects to my phone’s alarm system. When my initial alarm goes off and I get out of bed to turn it off, the sensor on the bed will prevent me from getting under the covers again. If the sensor detects movement or pressure within 5 minutes of the initial phone alarm, another will sound, and will not stop until the bed is without movement or pressure.

2. Relationship Maintenance

With my busy schedule at school, it’s tough to stay connected to friends and family members in other cities and time zones. I’d like to create a visual representation of my social network, using LED’s to show who I stay in contact with, who I have forgotten about, and who I need to reach out to. Various levels of communication would be differentiated by color or brightness and would need to have a digital name display so that names can come in and out of my social circle.

I plan to gather this data through the use of my text message and call storage on my phone. The product will encourage me to maintain important relationships because the definition of light will spark an emotional response.

3. Memory Builder

There’s nothing worse than trying to scrape the takeaways of your day and not having anything to remember them by, especially 1 or 2 days after the fact. I’d like to create a device that takes photos of my day without interrupting special moments. The photos would be sent to my phone at the end of the day where I would be prompted to caption them. The photo will help contextualize my thoughts and help me remember the significance of the moment.

I have always wanted to keep a journal of my thoughts, but have never been disciplined enough to do so. I hope that this product will make documenting life fun and easy for myself and others!