Tzu Ching’s final brainstorm

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3 Brainstorms:


  1. Eye Protector


It is a screen that can detect the distance between the viewers and the screen.

For children, sometimes they watch the video too close, causing myopia.

but with this device, the screen will become blurry if you’re too close, forcing children to back up to a decent distance for watching TV.



2. Emotion Detector.



What would people do when they enter their room when they’re having a bad day or having a conflict with others?


They close their door stronger than they used to.

So the pressure detector attached to the door can indicate how strong people close their door–or how angry they are–. So if you see someone’s door is shining red, leave them alone.


3. Shhhhhhhhhhhhh



It’s really hard to have people shut their mouth by telling them Shhhhhhh.

So let’s shut their mouth with their sense of guilt.

This light is installed in the library, it detects noise, and as the noise increase, the luminance decrease. So if you’re speaking too loud in the library, the rooms get darker and darker, then everyone in the room can’t read. Is that what you want? probably not, because you’re gonna be killed by hundreds of ireful eyes, and your sense of guilt or affaridness elevates, then you shut up.

Then the light goes back, everyone can read without noises, everyone wins :))))))))

One thought on “Tzu Ching’s final brainstorm”

  1. Nice brainstorm!

    shutter glass is a material that comes to mind regarding your first idea:
    you could combine it with a distance sensor ( to turn the visibility on and off (not quite what you had in mind, but similar!)

    Your second idea is also fun, you could use a piezo element as a vibration sensor to detect how hard the door was slammed, and then translate that into a color value for your neopixels etc.

    Your library idea is also super doable, but perhaps you’d consider working on a single lamp at first, rather than a whole room? =D Here’s a product for safely dimming AC lights with an arduino signal:

    Please feel free to email me if you have questions or need more help deciding which idea to pick!

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