Part 1: HUZZAH

wifi serial monitor

Part 2: 3 IDEAS


I want to design a box which can make different drum sound through tapping the footboard by using pressure sensors, sound board and speaker. As you can see the street musician carry a lot instruments. It’s fancy though but It’s not necessary. They just need a small box that can make drum sound. Even for guitar lover, when they play guitar, they also need some basic drum sound to assist them playing.



Everyone has different sound of footsteps. I want to record them and put into a box. When you turn the box over, it will change a new sound of footstep. So each one box can record 6 different sound.  If I say 6 people in one group, then they have their own box, when you hear the sound, maybe you would know something about personality and identity.


The Idea is pretty easy. people blow at one side of this box and fragrance will be generated at another side. As a portable device, people can take it everywhere and make fragrance anytime.

Author: weirunshi

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One thought on “HUZZAH + 3 IDEAS _ RUNSHI WEI”

  1. Fun brainstorm! I think you can explore different switches for your drum sound triggers beyond pressure sensors. Here are some ideas:

    for audio, you could easily put several drum sounds on one of these, and trigger it with your arduino board:

    Your second idea is similar, technically. If you put a light sensor (a photo resistor like the one in your arduino kit) on each face of the box, you could detect which one is facing down because it would have a dramatic dropoff in light. But switches could also work!

    Please don’t make any projects that smell in my class– I’m highly sensitive to fragrances. =]

    Email me with any questions!


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