BEAT BACTERIA — A home installation for oral care


Dentists suggest that people should brush their teeth twice a day for at least two minutes each time. An interactive art installation at home will emphasize good behavior encourage people to improve their good oral care practices.

Bacteria Beats is a device that makes brushing teeth entertaining during these two minutes. There are many existing electronic toothbrushes that stay on for two minutes, but sometimes people turn them off before the time ends if they are bored or in a hurry.

It will also have a timer that, when set, will count down the suggested 2 minutes and, will illuminate the bacteria lights when the toothbrush is picked up. Then, every 30 seconds, one light will blink and shut off when you’ve conquered (might be clearer to say “brushed away the bacteria” instead of conquered) bacteria. After the 2 minutes have passed, all lights shut down (or turn off) leaving the brusher with the feeling that they’ve won the game!

If you feel as though two minutes is still too long, it will have the capability of ending the game sooner by setting the toothbrush on the other side of this device.


Video  What is Beat Bacteria

Tutorial How to build Beat Bacteria

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