Social Circle

Keeping in touch with all the important people in your social circle can be tough, especially when you are living in a big city, a workaholic, a student, or all of the above. Social Circle offers a way to keep all your loved ones in one place, tracking how often you are in contact with one another and who might need some extra love! Nobody likes to ignore their friends, and now – you’ll never be that person again! This product is perfect for people who do not find phone notifications urgent and would like a visual representation to monitor their relationships.

Social Circle_InstructableSocial Circle 2.jpg

Social Circle is an Arduino powered device that connects your text messages to a set of independent LEDs, each representing one person and measuring the frequency with which you talk to one another, indicated by the brightness of each LED. Using some intermediate Arduino code, you can personalize how Social Circle functions, including how many relationships you want to manage, and control how quickly or slowly the LEDs dim.

Here’s how it works…

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