Kindle Fire Teardown

I tore down my old kindle fire reader tablet. Here is what I found: The entire thing was physically encased and only required me to pry it open with a slim edge. The lithium ion battery was secured to the back with some sort of tape. The motherboard was secured with a blue thermal pad that had the consistency of silly putty. Everything else was secured with small screws and could be taken apart with a screwdriver. Also noticed the RU mark on batteries and boards.

Kindle teardown 1

Kindle Teardaown 2

  1. Motherboard: Part number 31KC1MB0090 The motherboard was right below the battery and included some sort of blue sticky material to keep it attached
  2. Lithium ion battery: Vintrons battery for Amazon: The battery was the first thing you see and was also secured with some sort of tape.
  3. Front cover for screen: The screen protector which I cracked earlier on but later. Manufactured by Amazon.
  4. LG display manufactured by LG. Part number 6091L-1965B. The only part that I think wasn’t manufactured by Amazon.
  5. Back Cover. No screws were involved. It was just kind of clasped together.
  6. Sound device/speaker. These were screwed on to the bottom of the device.
  7. Not sure what this is. Part number: E157925. It may be a logic board.
  8. Wifi Antenna: Part number wgt kc1_wl Manufactured by Amazon
  9. Battery Holder
  10. Display LCD Panel and E ink holder. The panel that talks to the motherboard. Also manufactured by LG.


Design Elements that interested me

  1. The first design element that interested me was the thickness and heaviness of the screen protector. I always assumed what I was touching was the actual screen but instead it was a thick piece of glass that added quite a bit of weight to the overall tool. Which was one of the reasons I stopped using it in the first place.
  2. The second design element that interested me was how easy it was for me to open the tablet. I liked that it was easy enough to not require any extra tools because I can make changes like adding an sd card.