Final Project: Prism Personal Dining Table

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For my final project I created an interactive dining table that senses when dishes and plates are put on top and lights up. I wanted to make something that speaks to me and my wants as a busy person who doesn’t always take time for myself. There should also be an IOT component that also posts a message to your slack group telling them that you are taking time for yourself. It uses the force sensor and neopixel strips.

Here is the link to the instructables:

The biggest challenge was working with my board and neopixels and not understanding what was going wrong and why I was shorting my boards. It wasn’t until I changed neopixels that I realized there was something wrong with my neopixels.


Week 11 HW/ BOM & circuit diagram for final project


Here is the evidence from the lessons

Lesson 4: (this feed includes the button presses from class)

Screen Shot 2018-11-20 at 2.24.04 PM.png


Lesson 5:

The flash led worked but I couldn’t get a video of it since the widget was on my phone :/ But it worked! I got an email.

Adding neopixels:


Collect the weather conditions:


Lesson 6

Here is my Bill of Materials for my final project the personal dining table

Screen Shot 2018-11-20 at 2.39.09 PM.png

Circuit Diagram


Homework 10: Blinking and Buttons and Final Project Ideas

Here is my blinking onboard led from the huzzah:


Huzzah Button Test:


Here are my 3 ideas for my final project:

My first idea is a plant holder that provides light to the plant but also has the predicts the weather for the next day by changing the color of the light.


Idea #2 is a portable dining table for people who have to eat meals away from home or at their desk. The main goal is to ritualize eating again even if we have to rush or eat alone. It would sense when plates were loaded onto the tray and it would light up with a calming sequence of colors and also post on twitter that you are eating and that you should not be bothered forĀ  the next hour.



Idea #3 is a small lamp that you attach to your wall. It senses you coming and then it lights up with the weather forecast for the day so you don’t forget your umbrella after you’ve left the front door and have to come back like I often do.


Jellyfish Costume-Final Retrospective



My costume was completed in time for Halloween and I am pretty satisfied with the way it came out. For how much attention I had to pay to the details of the wiring, I would say this was a success.


  • 1 Cotton Shirt
  • 1 yard of fringe
  • 30 feet of white wire
  • 10 neopixel leds
  • thread
  • circuit.

Initial Sketch and circuit diagram:



The longest processes by far was sewing all the fringe onto the shirt and then measuring all the white wire for the neopixels. after I measured out each length between the neopixels, I had to cut 3 pieces for power, ground and input. Then I had to put the neopixels on the tassels.

So I wanted the the neopixels initially to twinkle with white and blue lights when I lifted my arms up. Unfortunately, I underestimated just how long sewing the tassels, glueing them and adhering the neopixels would be that by the time I finished doing that, I went for the easiest code possible in terms of what to do. I ended up editing the neopixel code we used earlier in the semester.



Week 7 Halloween Costume Check In

For my go-go dancer halloween costume, I have sewn on all the fringes to the top. No I am ready to start detailing and soldering the led lights together and make sure they work. That will be a long process that will require attention to detail.



fringes cut up and hot glued together.




Fringes attached to the shirt.



Wires separated to be soldered to LEDs.

Halloween Costume Ideas


I will be on a team of 1 to complete my halloween costume. I have 3 ideas that I have sketched:


My first idea is to design a lit up fringe turtleneck top reminiscent of the 1960s go-go era. I want to sew on the fringe elements under the arms of the sleeves and on some of the fringes put some neopixel leds. I want to leds to gradually glow.



My second idea is to design a halo crown similar to the one Beyonce wore when she announced her second pregnancy to the world and preformed. I would drill holes in a headband and put theĀ  golden sticks inside. Before that I would attach yellow leds to each stick.



My last idea is a pair of pirate pants that would alternate strips of yellow and green led lights. I would attach stips of that fabric to the pants and then neopixel leds to the strips.